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Pirates Vs Ninjas

Play Pirates Vs Ninjas Age Rating: All ages
Do you like Ninjas and Pirates? Pirates vs. Ninjas gives you a chance to play both the roles simultaneously and to kill the other party. Pirates and Ninjas are deadly enemies and hate the existence of each other. In this funny game you will play one round as pirates and the next as Ninjas. So by playing turn by turn you kill pirates And Ninjas in their everlasting war. If you are good with physics you can easily play the game but if you have problem with angles then this game surely is a way to teach you angles. In Pirates vs. ninjas, you have to throw bombs on the enemy by making perfect angles. With the completion of lower levels the level of difficulty starts increasing and it becomes more difficult to complete a level. Thus, if you think that you can always guess the right angle you should try Pirates vs. Ninjas. You can also enjoy the funny movements that characters perform during the game. The designers of this game have tried to give their best so that you do not feel bored while playing the game
Move cursor to aim and press LEFT mouse button to throw bombs and shells.

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