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Pigs Can Fly

Play Pigs Can Fly Age Rating: All ages
Pigs Can fly is a game that can only be played with the help of good guesses. The positive aspect of this marvelous game is that there is never losing. You can easily win the game if you pick the right color cursor and bring the Pig to the potion placed somewhere behind the hurdles. If you remain successful in doing so the pig will fly. There appear different colored cursors on the screen and you have to choose the right cursor out of them. If you guessed it right the other cursors will do their job automatically and you will only have to perform your part of the work. Play Pigs can Fly to check whether you are a good guesser or not. Pigs can fly enhances the brain power of a person by the practice of removing different hurdles that are placed between the small pig and the potion. If you think you are a god guesser and can remove hurdles promptly click and play Pigs can fly!
You have to drag either the pig towards the potion or the hurdles away from its path with the help of mouse. Press LEFT mouse Button to pick objects and use mouse to drag them of screen.

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