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Little Farm

Play Little Farm Age Rating: All ages
Are you tired of the hectic life of city? If yes then you should also settle down to a farm just like Normans. Normans have settled in a farm and can only earn their living by selling fruits and vegetables. You have to manage their farm and put the ready vegetables in the truck to sell them. Farm life is new so Normans cannot cope with it alone and only you can help them out. Play Little Farm to help them and increase their earnings. Out of the little farm you have to choose a rectangle whose all four corners have the same fruit or vegetable. Only choose the vegetable or fruit whose truck is passing by your farm because all other chosen vegetables will go in vain. With the completion of lower levels you will be able to play higher and more difficult levels. Play little farm if you think that you are good with eye tricks and rectangular shapes. Little Farm is a very interesting game and can prove to be an enjoying time pass for you.
Move the cursor to move in the screen. Press LEFT mouse button and drag to choose the rectangular shape of your choice.

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  • lillybug's avatar lillybug
    i wish this things would load faster posted on Aug 24 2012 @ 18:47:51
  • lillybug's avatar lillybug
    no game so far i have liked posted on Aug 24 2012 @ 18:47:21