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Eye See Things

Play Eye See Things Age Rating: All ages
Are you a detective? Do you think you can trace out things very quickly? Do you think you keep a detective’s eye? If yes then here is the perfect game for you. Play EYE SEE THINGS, here you get lots of similar objects placed in a maze and you have very less time to find out all the thing than a normal detective would. If you are a successful detective and have a strong eye you will sort out the objects quickly or else you will fail. It is a test of your eyes and quickness. Be quick to find the similar objects of different colors placed somewhere in the maze. Your only job is to correctly check both similar objects and new objects will replace them. Remember that you do not have much time and there is a whole bunch of objects to be traced out so play EYE SEE THINGS quickly or you may run out of time. Complete all the tasks quickly and achieve the highest scores in EYE SEE THINGS.
Use mouse and LEFT mouse button to choose the similar objects present in the maze.

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