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Play Enjoy Age Rating: All ages
Spread happiness while giving your brain a workout. This fun little flash physics game will have you cheering up the sad faces by rolling a happy face around the game area knocking into that sad face. Sound interesting? The game works by clicking on the terrain features to make them disappear. This can either make the faces roll around the terrain to get where you want them, or it can cause them to change direction.

This flash physics game is a game for thinkers, because you have to plan your strategy for the level to make sure that everything happens in the right order. It is comforting to know that you can press the level restart button (Letter ‘R’) at any time to restart the level.

The best way to get ahead in the early levels it to click different things to see what they do, restart, and then try to work out the best way to do the level. The game gives you some tips on what buttons to what, but it still comes down to experimentation.

You didn’t have anything else to do right?

Have a go, soon you will be rolling, catapulting and sliding your way to happiness.

Click on objects in the flash game to make them disappear and let the laws of physics move things around to get the happy ball in contact with the sad balls

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