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Play Do NOT Save the Princess online. A fun tile-based puzzle game spanning across 24 levels of humorous, non-Princess saving awesomeness! Level editor included! The princess has been kidnapped and the knight of the kingdom has come out searching for her! It is your job to place magical launching platforms to thwart the knight's efforts and send him to his doom (via the open mouth of your pet monster).
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Do NOT Save the Princess

Play Do NOT Save the Princess Age Rating: All ages
Are you tired of always having to save the princess in games? In this game, Do Not Save The Princess, you are not trying to. In fact you are trying to do the opposite: get eaten or splatter yourself against the walls! This crazy puzzle game will have your not-so-heroic hero using the puzzle pieces to fire his way in all directions to get the right angle to be eaten by the monster. As the different stages go on, the challenges get harder, and the number of things that you have to think about increase. For each level you have a set number of blocks which fire your hero in a certain direction. You will often need to use all of them to win the level puzzle.
When you play Do Not Save The Princess, you have the ability to place blocks which fire the hero in a certain direction, and he will carry on going in that direction until he either hits a wall, a monster, or another changing direction device. Try experimenting with different layouts to win with the pieces that you have. When you have arranged the blocks, click on the door to set your hero in motion.

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