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Color Keys

Play Color Keys Age Rating: All ages
This is a game of puzzles and colors where you will need to paint yourself with the right color to be able to pick playing keys and unlock levels. There are 20 keys in total but each one can only be taken once and you have the right color. If you wont have that, then there is no way you can get to the next level and out of the chamber.

The puzzles are arranged in such a way that blocks of the same color can go together and can form a level by themselves. Picking the wrong block (different color) means the puzzle will collapse and you will have to rebuild it from the beginning.

It is really a game that can get you scratching your head, it needs a little will strength and some luck too, but more or less that makes it funny. If it was so straight forward I doubt it would be called a game. Its unpredictability is its strength and sometimes gives you a different perception about the unseen. Get going and see how far you can go with some imagination and luck.

You can use the arrow keys or the W,A,S and D keys to pick and move to different levels.

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