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Cannon Venture

Play Cannon Venture Age Rating: All ages
This is a game that requires a blend of physics and creativity. There are so many balloons placed at different positions and your task will be shooting at them with your cannon and make them break. Just that. Hey, there will be obstacles however and the real part that makes it to be called a game is, you have to use your brain to get past the obstacles and get the balloons shot in this cannon venture.

Blasting all of the balloons is your ultimate goal, so if you can do that, Cannon venture provides you with the greatest fun you can ever ask for. It is a game with up to thirty levels, where each level gives you the aiming opportunity before you can proceed to the next. It is not necessary that you go progressively but to be a winner you must blast all balloons.

They will be placed on top of a chained holder, where you willl direct from the shooting chamber. If you miss to hit the balloon or hit the chain, you gain no point. Try again.

To play the game use your mouse cursor to set the power of the cannon and aim and Left click to shoot

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