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Bloons 2

Play Bloons 2 Age Rating: All ages
Play Bloons 2 using only your ability to judge angles, and a limited supply of darts, get monkeys to throw darts at balloons to pop them. This physics based flash game will have you aiming to clear out all of the Bloons in each of the levels in various stages.

Bloons 2 isn’t just firing darts around, in every stage there are different items which you use to clear all the Bloons with. For example, popping a yellow and black striped balloon will release bees which you can control with your mouse which pop the Bloons.

Each level has a target number of Bloons which you need to pop, but you can have as much time as you like to work out the best way to do it. To help you out, you can press R at any time to skip the level, plus there are other bonuses you can use to skip levels and see the solution in action.

Change the angle of the pointer using the mouse, hold down the left mouse button to make the dart more powerful, and let loose. The angle changes the trajectory, and the power controls the distance. Careful, some of the levels need a lot of accuracy.

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