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Big Evil Robots

Play Big Evil Robots Age Rating: All ages
OH MY GOD! Big Evil Robots are attacking our dear world and no one is stopping them. If no one is doing anything then you have to show courage and stand up against these Big Evil Robots. These robots are very strong and you cannot kill them with the help of marbles. There isn’t anything that you can use against these robots so the trick is to hit the core, which is the brain of the robot, with marbles. It isn’t that easy because some robots have their cores hidden deep inside their cover and you are left with a limited number of marbles. You are a small kid but if your aim is to save the world stand up against this evil step of the robots and show them that a kid can also save this world. Use marbles and destroy robots with the help of a catapult. You can also collect coins with the help of marbles to increase our rating. So if you are a courageous and brave little boy who has the determination of saving world play Big Evil Robots.
Press LEFT Mouse button to be ready. Move cursor to aim and release the button to throw the marble.

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