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Aztec Mind 2

Play Aztec Mind 2 Age Rating: All ages
Do you think you can solve all the puzzles in this world? If yes try playing Aztec Mind 2. You have to solve all the puzzles and get the sacred stone out of the puzzle. In Aztec Mind 2, a sacred stone has been stolen from the tomb and you are the only one who can bring that stone back to the tomb. This sacred stone is one of the most important and precious stones of this tomb. The game starts with simple puzzles and when you complete levels the difficulty level increases and you are given more complex puzzles to solve. Your job is to take the sacred stone out of the puzzle and take it back to the tomb. If you want to sharpen your mind and enhance your intelligence you should try this game. The main idea behind the creation of this game is to enhance the intellectual abilities of the players. The more you play the more it sharpens your brain. Hence, Aztec Mind 2 not only passes your time but also benefits you.
Use cursor to move objects. Press and hold LEFT mouse button to drag objects.

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