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How to submit a game on ?

You are a game developer and you want to submit your flash game on ? You sponsored a game and you want to host a game on our site?

To submit a game for review and addition to our site please send the following

  • The title of your game
  • A description (or game instruction) of your game
  • Game Keywords
  • Game Instructions
  • What category is best to be placed?
  • Include a link of a playable .swf of your site ,
  • Include a link of a 180x135 image and a link of a 100x100 image (png,jpeg)
  • Include dimensions of the game
  • Link of games you host ( if you dont host any games do that before you submit or your submission might be ignored )

If you want your game to have higher chance of inclusion to you can do one of the two things listed here.

  • Add a game of our collection to your site ( Find our games HERE)
  • Add our score API to your game and then submit it ( Find info HERE )

Please send your game submission to :

NOTE : We dont reply emails. if your game is not on our site then probably was not qualified for inclusion .. Also there are no guarantees that if you submit a game in any way that it will be included. Also follow the hierarchy of the submission. Include ALL information listed here .

And some simple rules in addition to the previous :

1. You must be the author or the copyright owner of the submitted flash game.

2. Your flash game can not contain pornographic images or other illegal content

3. Your flash game can not force players to visit your website.

4. Your flash game must be an original creation.

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