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Title: Slay the dragon
Description: A bright adventure game with a role reversal twist. Slay, the dragon, is being harassed by the princess's men. And sets off to find out why.
Instructions: Use the arrow keys to move. A to attack , S for special and space to jump
Dimensions: 600x400
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Title: Story of a hero
Description:Fascinating journey into the world of fantasy! Three unique character, a lot of enemies and humor!
Instructions:Use the mouse button to move your hero arround and place your allied turrets
Dimensions: 640x480
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Title: ASDF Hero
Description:Play as a hero with stylish action and lightspeed reflex to beat your enemy along the way!

Instructions: Run and beat your obstacles & enemies. Upgrade your hero and unlock new skill and finisher moves.

Instructions:Use arrow keys to move, [space] to jump, ASDF to do actions
Dimensions: 640x480
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

Title: Toss Up
Description:Send this poor guy away as long as possible.
Instructions:Aim with mouse, click and hold left mouse click to set the power and release to fire. After firing, click to send boxes to make the guy jump..
Dimensions: 550 x 400
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Title: Stay Dead
Description: Equip one of the various weaponry and slaughter waves of blood thirsty zombies and four powerful bosses! Blast your way through the 20 exciting levels and unlock 25 unique achievements!
Instructions:Mouse to aim. Arrow keys or WSAD to move around.
Dimensions: 600 x 480
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

Title: Eat to win
Description: Grab as many power-ups as you can in this frantic action game. One or two players.
Instructions:Use aswd or arrow keys to move and jump
Dimensions: 640 x 480
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

Title: Zap
Description:Commandeer your spaceship through the treacherous space of asteroids to bring your family to safety.
Instructions:Click the mouse and hold to make the ship rise, release to drop. Hit enemies with the laser for a few seconds to ZAP them
Dimensions: 500 x 400
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

Title: Find That Animal
Description:Swap adjacent tiles with your mouse to make matches of three or more .To complete the level, matches of tree or more tiles that equated with an animalthat is on the picture before times is runs out

Instructions:m = music on/off

q = quality toggle

mouse = swap the tiles

Dimensions: 640 x 480
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

Title: Brave Astronaut
Description: Help the astronaut to repel cute alien invasion in this physics based game and get rid of all using the proper skill and weapon type.
Instructions:Select Bullet type with 1,2,3 keyboard buttons or using mouse on ingame menu thats in the upper left corner of screen. Shoot aliens with proper bullet types (red bullet for red alien ,green bullet for green alien etc.) And destroy all
Dimensions: 600x450
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

Title: Operation L.O.A.D.
Description: Launch, Orbit, Attack, Destroy. Protect the missile through all four stages. An epic space shooter with a unique mechanic and stylish graphics.
Instructions:Click and drag to move or use arrow keys or WASD Click to shoot Click self or use Shift to dodge/dash Double-click to enter boost mode to catch up to the rocket Click and hold self to load rockets then click anywhere to launch Swipe enemy to melee
Dimensions: 480x480
Play it | SWF File | Download file .zip

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