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SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls is a wonderful game for all those SpongeBob aficionados out there. The art direction is the spitting image of the animated series and it captured its charm perfectly. The controls are tight and respond very quickly. There are a variety of collectables available, which in turn gives this game some great replay value. Playing SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls online will melt those lingering hours away that some of us have in the office.
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SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls

Play SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls is a quirky, side-scrolling platformer that both videogame and SpongeBob lovers will enjoy. The objective of this game is to escape the Dutchman’s haunted ship without being hit by; ghosts, pirates and bats that are randomly patrolling the area. Thus, there are also pipes that SpongeBob can squeeze in to transport. You must keep moving and get to the bottom of every level without losing all of your life. Luckily, there are items available that’ll replenish your life as well as coins that you can collect.

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