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Playing the Simpsons Home Interactive online game will feel like you’ve set foot into their animated world. The layout of the house is perfectly done and highly realized. It’s also very easy to navigate through the house with your mouse. The Celtic toned Simpson’s theme is a nice little touch for the BGM as you walk around the house, picturing their daily lives in your head. The Simpson’s Home Interactive game is recommended for all curious Simpson fans.
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Simpsons Home Interactive

Play Simpsons Home Interactive Simpsons Home Interactive is basically a virtual tour of the Simpsons household. The developer behind this game certainly did their research, because the layout of the house looks and feels like you’re really there. How this game plays is that you just use your mouse to point and click on the arrows to decide where to go next. There are even clickable items placed throughout the rooms that you can play with. Anyone that was ever interested where Bart, Lisa, plus Homer and Marge’s room are…this is your chance to find out.

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