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Play Nyan Cat online. You will be helping the Nyan Cat fly through the night sky, all he wants is the yummy candy, if he eats too many veggies the game will end. How far can you get?
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Nyan Cat

Play Nyan Cat Age Rating: All ages
Nyan cat is somewhat of an awesome game, you simply fly through the air above a rainbow as a cat that likes to eats candy and ice cream, whatever you do make sure you dont eat the green vegetables. The cat will fly continuously all you have to do is simply press the arrow keys up and down to nom nom nom on the candy and also to avoid the nasty tasting vegetables that float in space. You can only eat a few veggies to make sure you avoid them at all costs. Get a great score then challenge your friends to beat it! Good luck!
To play this game you will need your ARROW KEYS

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