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DotBox is a game that’s somewhat similar to tic-tac-toe. It’s all about outwitting your opponent and lining up lines that create boxes on a page that’s peppered with dots. Even though this sounds fairly childish, it’s actually a highly tactical game that requires rock-sold concentration. DotBox has a witty sound effect system to it and there’s a wide array of colors that’ makes it pretty to look at. This game is recommended for any puzzle fan that’s craving for something different.
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Play DotBox DotBox is a very fast-paced puzzle game that is really no different to anyone that used to play this game while in grade school. The game starts off by having a page that’s riddled with dots. How you play is that players alternate by connecting the dots that’ll ultimately make boxes. Sound’s simple, right? Well, after a few tries, you’ll quickly come to realize that how strategic this game actually is. You pick where to draw the line with your mouse and then, just wait your turn. It’s very easy to play and very highly addicting.

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