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Bubble Struggle 2

Play Bubble Struggle 2 Age Rating: All ages
Bubble Struggle 2 is a flash game that when built was based on an old school arcade game that I used to play when I was a kid! The game was so popular people used to take days of work to go play this game at the local arcade. Back then we didn’t have the ability to play flash games, we had to put coins (money) in the machines so we could play, you guys are so lucky… Are you about to ask me why? Because you should! Did I hear you say “why?”… Right here’s why! Bubble Struggle has been released on a Flash Game platform. This means that Bubble Struggle can now be played for free right here on You get to experience a game that was once a game you had to pay to play. Bubble Struggle is all about helping your character pop all the bubbles in the level by shooting your harpoon straight up! Time it just right for the bubbles to collide with the harpoon. If the bubbles are big they will pop into multiple smaller bubble which you will then need to pop again with the harpoon. Keep repeating this until all the bubbles have been popped! Take care because if a bubble lands on you its game over, don’t forget to collect the power-ups to help you complete each level!
To play this game you will need your KEYBOARD

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