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Bubble Bobble

Play Bubble Bobble Age Rating: All ages
Bubble Bobble is a great plaformer game that seems to just keep on going! All you have to do is make your way around the levels blowing bubbles at the enemies. Blowing bubbles at the enemies entraps them in the bubble. You should then make your way to the top of the level to pop the bubbles, popping the bubbles will release the good old fashion fruit (like in pac man). Each level gets harder and harder as you make your way through the game so make sure you use the flowing gateways, when I say flowing gateways I mean the holes in the floor that you can jump through and come out at the top of the level! When using these flowing gateways you will find that your task to encapsulate all the enemies in bubbles just got much easier. Bubble Bobble was created by a company called FreeOnlineGames and can be played for free right here on So why are you still here reading this description! Its time to play this awesome Bubble game and get the highest score possible!
To play this game you will need your KEYBOARD

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