Play Ben 10 Space War online

Play Ben 10 Space War online. Choose to play with Ben 10 or Gwen. The Aliens have captured the grandfather of Ben, Max Tennyson, and you have to save him. Fly through space on your earth ball and shoot at all the enemy rockets. You will get 500 points for every rocket ship you destroy, there are also bonus points when flying around. Avoid all the meteors, but collect the extra ammo and extra live balls. At the end you must defeat the Upchuck. Use your mouse to play this game.
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Ben 10 Space War

Play Ben 10 Space War In this Ben 10 space war game you have to rescue the grandfather of Ben 10. Ben is flying on a earth ball through space, shoot at the rockets to score points. You can also play with Gwen, choose one of them in the main screen. Collect the special weapons for more shooting power (like the laser beams or the fire balls). Be careful, do not hit the meteors try to avoid them otherwise you will loose a life. The indicator bar at the top will show you how far you still need to go. At the end you need to defeat the end boss, can you make it to the end?

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