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Ben 10 Longbow

Play Ben 10 Longbow Age Rating: All ages
Ben10 is back! Are you a Ben 10 lover? If yes here is an awesome new Ben 10 game for you. Ben 10 is back with new actions to save the world from monsters and aliens. Ben 10 is the favorite hero of children and they love everything related to Ben 10. Ben 10 was having some problem with his Omnitrix so he is considering learning some other weapons against aliens and monsters. What can be better than A Longbow? Ben 10 Longbow allows to you to train Ben10 how to use Longbow to hit the target. You hero Ben 10 needs you and if you are his true admirer teach him some tricks about Long Bow and then play Ben 10 Long bow to kill the deadly monsters and Aliens that are planning to take over world. Ben 10 is the only hope of humanity with or without his omnitrix. This time he is without Omnitrix but still he can save the world from devastation.
You can choose the controls from Options menu. For Keyboard: Use ARROW keys to aim and press SPACE BAR to shoot. For Mouse: Use cursor to aim and Press LEFT mouse button to shoot.

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