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Naughty Vanessa

Play Naughty Vanessa Age Rating: All ages
You are actually being a paparazzi and your primary goal while playing this game is to follow Vanessa no matter where she goes and then you have to snap her even when she is in compromised positions. You need to make sure that you are getting best photographs as this is one of the only means you will be reaching the next levels. You are only going to have five chances and only the best photos will enable you to move forward. If you happen to take the photos of her bodyguard, he is going to break your camera. You can follow Vanessa any where such as Hollywood, Malibu beach, in the hotel. Make use of the best spy abilities and security services to watch over her.
While you are playing this game, you can make use of your mouse to properly position your camera. As soon as you are done with the positioning, you can take the photos by clicking the left mouse button.

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