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Naughty Beach

Play Naughty Beach Age Rating: All ages
If you ask what is naughty beach? Then I would answer that its a hilarious game where the player wants to empty the beach getting rid of everyone including the big guns guys and finally get the beach for himself. There are so many events happening around the beach, but they can only be triggered by your actions. Some people will  prove too stubborn so they will need double action to get rid of them. You will have objects stored in a panel known as the inventory panel, which will be used all through the encounter. As the game progresses, you will learn a lot of new tricks and if you are smart enough, then the same tricks can be used later to your advantage. It is simply a naughty game you dont play innocent at all. The basic is win win win and win regardless of the tricks you will be forced to use. As long as you are not hurting anyone and you are getting what you want so badly everything is allowed. The essence of Naughty beach will be getting the beach all for you, despite the roughness of the situation.
It is you and your mouse, the clicks youll make on objects will determine the next move. It is a very funny game that you will definitely enjoy playing. Get going.

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