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Mermaid Kissing

Play Mermaid Kissing Age Rating: All ages
Mermaid kissing is one of the most romantic and exciting arcade games in the internet nowadays. Mermaid kissing is a game that challenges those men who wants to experience mermaid Ruslanas kiss to go sail the mermaid ocean and go over through all of those dangerous ocean sharks, octopuses, monster fishes and more. Though many have took the challenge of reaching the princess, only few succeeded. So if you think you are the strongest guy that can surpass many overwhelming dangers in the ocean, then you might be the guy who Mermaid Ruslana is looking for. The challenges in every level are easy if you have good tactics. Most of the challenges is swimming under the ocean. To be able to proceed to the next level, you must assure that you have your enough supply of oxygen by catching the free oxygen in the ocean and you can evade the dangerous fishes.
To play mermaid kissing, you must have a very reflexive sight and mind. Use the up and down keys on your keyboard to move the body of player. Using these keys, you will be able to catch free oxygen and evade many dangerous fishes. The players only have three lives to stay in the game. Keep in mind that you must be very quick in avoiding the enemies to precede to the next level.

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