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Mermaid Kiss

Play Mermaid Kiss Mermaid Kiss is a game of speed and dexterity. It requires a very reflexive mind and sight. You will find that the game is an easy game because it does not require you to create plans of anything . All you have to do is click on the pearl oysters, fishes, and anything that can see the mermaid and her boyfriend.

The games idea is to make the mermaid lovers kiss while picking pearls as they were asked to do. They love hugging and kissing each other, but they shouldnt be seen kissing or else they will lose life power. The longer they kiss, the higher the bonus points they get.

What makes the game exiting is that they shouldnt be seen kissing because it is forbidden in their kingdom. However, if they dont get to kiss each other, the life span they have will decrease fast and eventually die. There are two ways in increasing the lives of these two lovers. As we know it, they must kiss. It will add more in their life span and increase the points in the game. Second way is to keep the creatures around them asleep and take out all clams. The creatures must always stay asleep to avoid getting caught kissing. This adds more life and time to kiss.

Every time you win a round, you will play for the next level – higher level to be exact. The higher the level of the game, the lesser the game time you have and the creatures are mostly awake that you have to keep them asleep most of the time so that you wont get caught.

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