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Cartoon Girl is an online game that’s all about playing dress up. The art direction is very anime style, which in turn gives it a very flavorful and vivid design. The selection of; hats, shoes, dresses, skirts and blouses are varied and unique. Little girls of all ages will have a blast playing this game for hours on end. Playing Cartoon Girl online is everything a girl will want when it comes to finally having a digital doll to play with.
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Cartoon Girl

Play Cartoon Girl Cartoon Girl is the perfect online game for little girls to partake in. More often than not, little girls love to play dress up and this is what this game is all about. There’s a robust selection of; shoes, hats, dresses, skirts and blouses. You can mix and match anything you want to create that perfect model. Everything you need is all on a single screen. All players have to do is click and drag their selected accessory on the model with their mouse. It’s quick, easy and children of all ages can jump right in and play!

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