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Spank the booty

Play Spank the booty Age Rating: All ages
Spank Spank and keep spanking. Spank the booty and get going. The full concept of the game is about how hard and fast you can hit the buttocks. The lady to be spanked has a large half-naked booty and it is up for grabs in this enjoyable funny game. The winner is the one who spanks it the fastest , as naked as that is. It actually looks spankable to say the least, and that factor itself is intriguing.

The bare buttocks will certainly look like everyones target, but this time the trophy is only for the fastest slapper around. How can you one enjoy slapping some booty? Well, the answer could be just right next to your mouse. Look at it as it is and the first emotion will be to spank it all you can.

With the use of your mouse, click and hold it moving towards your target as fast as you can. Get to the booty and hit it as hard as you can. You will be required to move fast with the mouse as the fastest you will slap the better your position will be

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