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Play Belial Chapter 2 online. Use your mouse to interact with the scenes. Drag and drop items you have picked up. Click on a skill or legion to activate its power.
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Belial Chapter 2

Play Belial Chapter 2 Age Rating: All ages
The world is under the attack of demons. There is a rumor that their leader Satan is dead and they have planned to take over the world to show Humans that they are stronger than Humans. Demons are destroying everything on earth. Half the Demons are thinking that they should attack Heaven instead of Earth and take over the Heaven. Rest of the Demons are just scared to do anything without SATAN. Adam and Eve are also worried for their children while the angels have decided to start war against the demons. But everyone is asking the same question that WHERE IS BELIAL? Belial is stuck in an elevator somewhere between Earth and Hell. Play Belial Chapter 2 to take Belial out of the elevator and make him go back to earth to stop the war. You have to solve puzzles, cross hurdles and do actions tuff to help Belial. This is the only way to stop the war started on earth. Help Belial to go back and save your Earth from devastation and destruction.
Use Mouse to select and place things. Press LEFT mouse button to select tings and make Belial move.

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