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Play Upgrade Completer online. Upgrade Complete is a cool game that requires your time to upgrade everything you can think of… and yes we mean that, everything you can think of!
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Upgrade Completer

Play Upgrade Completer Age Rating: All ages
Upgrade Complete is a strange game, the name says it all really. Like the name says you need to upgrade to complete the game. When I say upgrade to complete the game I mean that you will need to upgrade absolutely everything including the graphics, menu, loading bar, menu button, armor games logo, ship, style, backgrounds etc etc etc… Everything you can think of in this game can be upgraded so make sure you destroy all the enemies in each wave to earn as much cash as possible! Each upgrade can range from $10 to $5000 so be ready for a long game.
To play this game you will need your WASD keys to move your ship then your MOUSE to aim your lasers

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