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Play Toss up online. Send this poor guy away as long as possible. Instructions: Aim with mouse, click and hold left mouse click to set the power and release to fire. After firing, click to send boxes to make the guy jump..
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Toss up

Play Toss up Age Rating: All ages
This physics game has you seeing how far you can fire a very bouncy man. Start off by choosing the elevation of the cannon, and then the power. The power meter goes up and down, so try and aim it to go as high as possible.

To help this guy get bounced as far away as possible, on the right hand side of the screen are some boxes. Release one of these by pressing the left mouse button at the right moment, and he will bounce off the box to go a much larger distance.

Toss Up is a game of timing. Mess up the angle, the power meter, or most importantly, the timing of the boxes as he bounces around, and they will be taking an early swim.

See how far you can keep going, and match your personal best by trying again – Dont just give up on the first go round! Your reflexes in this game can only improve.

Aim the angle of the cannon using the mouse, and then set the power by clicking at the right time as the power meter by the cannon goes up. Release boxes by clicking the right mouse button. There is a delay with the boxes, so if you miss the first time you release, you won’t get another chance.

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