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Super Mario Remix

Play Super Mario Remix Age Rating: All ages
Re-live the classic Super Mario days with this remix which will have you running and jumping to the original music. The levels have been designed to be familiar to people who have played the original Super Mario Brothers games.

As with all Mario Brothers games, the objective is simple: run and jump through dozens of levels trying to save the princess collection coins and jumping on the enemies along the way.

The levels are well designed with all kinds of timing and jumping puzzles required, all the while avoiding getting eaten by enemies. Some of the coins are in hard to reach places, so you will have to use trial and error to find them.

The controls are very simple, the left and right arrow keys control the left and right movement. The Z key controls jumping. To attack monsters, most of them you need to jump on them. Some of them like the turtle are a bit different. With them, you need to jump on them, which puts them in their shell, but then you need to jump on the shell which fires it off, hitting any other enemies (Or you!) as it whizzes off.

You can jump up at the yellow coloured boxes which releases coins, and sometimes releases upgrades such as making you larger, giving you temporary invincibility etc. Now, go save that princess.

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