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Super Mario Rampage is an action game that enables players to take control their favorite Italian plumber in a whole new way! With this game, Mario gruesomely blows away King Koopa’s army soldiers with his shiny new shotgun. This game is a refreshing take on a classic franchise and anyone who grew up playing the original Super Mario Bros. should give this game a try. The Super Mario Rampage game is something entirely new and certainly more mature.
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Super Mario Rampage

Play Super Mario Rampage Super Mario is back and this time he’s packing heat! This game entails Mario running across a level, reducing Koopa Troopas and Goombas to little chunky crimson bits with his shotgun. You control Mario by using the “left” and “right” arrows on your keyboard and aiming your shotgun with the “up” and “down” arrows. You press the space bar to shoot. Certainly, this new gameplay mechanic gives this videogame icon a new edge. The overall goal of this game is to simply stay alive for as long as you can while taking out Bowser’s minions to achieve a high score!

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