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Star Man is an action game that drips with originality from its quirky animation and simplistic art design. There are not very many rules to worry about. All you have to do is keep collecting stars to keep your health up and not fall into a bottomless abyss. Playing Star Man online is a great way to chip away any time that you may have. There are many reasons to go back and try this game all over again thanks it hefty amount of levels.
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Star Man

Play Star Man Star Man is a very simple action game, yet charming game that’ll keep you glued to your seat for some time. You control a little man that looks like a stick figure as he falls into the screen and lands on a platform. On the platform, is a star that you must collect to keep your life bar replenished. If you miss, you’ll lose health and eventually die. You have 7 lives to pull this off and you can even create combos that will give you extra points. This is fast-paced game and you have to be on the ball constantly.

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