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Play Slayer 3 online. Slayer 3 is an awesome game in which you will be using your battle skills to cause as much damage as possible to the un-dead army that patrols the earth! Are you ready to kick some zombie ass?
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Slayer 3

Play Slayer 3 Age Rating: All ages
Slayer 3 is an awesome game with and even more awesome story line, this is number 3 of the series! You will be making your way around the map battling the un-dead so you can cleanse the earth! Use your magical powers to cause as much damage to the un-dead as possible. They will die, you just have to be persistent with them! As you make your way through the map you will be able to upgrade your skills so make sure you play enough to enjoy the story and get top skills!
To play this game you will need your your MOUSE to attack, CTRL to dive or roll and your number keys for spells

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