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Reckless is an arcade shooter that lets you take control of a turret gun and blast floating circles that are floating around you. The graphics are very sharp and your turret is quick to respond. The action never lets up and it only gets harder once you progress through the game. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, this arcade shooter certainly delivers it. Reckless is highly recommended for gamers that are looking for a trip down memory lane.
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Play Reckless Age Rating: All ages
Reckless is an arcade shooter game that is very similar to the classic Asteroids. You control a stationary turret gun that can rotate 360 degrees as you’re being attacked by imposing forces. You shoot at these floating black circles that are orbiting around you that leave behind stars and other power ups once you’ve destroyed them. As you deepen further into this game, the challenge intensifies as more black circles form around you. You control the turret with your mouse and shoot with the left button. Collect as many stars as you can to obtain maximum points.
You are required to make use of your keyboard and mouse to play this game. M key is to Mute, ESC or P is to pause the game, aim the enemies with your mouse, and move your avatar further with the help of arrow keys.

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