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Puzzle Bobble

Play Puzzle Bobble Age Rating: All ages
Its time to take on the Puzzle Bobble game, that’s right, you read it correctly! This Puzzle Bobble game is another golden oldie that once a paid game (you had to pay to play it), but now the awesome people over at Ventoline have created a flash based version of this awesome puzzle game. Puzzle Bobble is all about shooting your colored bobbles a the other colored bobble above you! If you have a red bobble you should shoot it at another red bobble above you, if you have a green you should shoot it at a green bobble and so on! Getting three of the same colored bobbles together will make them explode releasing any bobbles that are attached to it. If you play this game correctly you will find that you race through the first couple of levels until you arrive at the middle of the game, this is where it gets tricky as the timer is much shorter and things get harder quicker! As the time decreases so does the space you have to shoot your bobbles, less space means you will panic and find it much harder! Are you ready for this awesome arcade game?
To play this game you will need your KEYBOARD

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