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The Power Rangers Dino Thunder game gives a solid adventure to partake in for all those Power Ranger fans out there. Collect “Dino Gems” that are strategically placed in every level in order to unlock certain segments of the game. You can punch, kick, jump and even fly through the levels to help defeat Mesogog’s evil army. Play as the Red, Yellow and Black Ranger and traverse through 50 challenging levels in order to finally take on and defeat the evil Mesogog.
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Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Play Power Rangers Dino Thunder Power Rangers Dino Thunder is an action game that echoes the side/scrolling beat’em ups of yesteryear. Players start off as the Red Ranger as he jumps, punches and kicks his way to the end of each level. As you progress through the game’s 50 levels, you will gain the ability to play as the Yellow and Black Ranger. Each Ranger has different powers and skillsets to them. For example, the Yellow Ranger can fly! These different skillsets can help players collect the “Dino Gems” that are scattered throughout the levels and ultimately finally defeat the sinister Mesogog!

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