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Pirate Wars

Play Pirate Wars Age Rating: All ages
What does every pirate want? Treasure! In Pirate wars, you have to fend off against other pirates to get what is yours. You have to fight against waves of pirates using bombs to blow up the area to get power ups and boosts. When you play Pirate Wars, you can use your bombs to trap the enemy pirates and blow them to smithereens, but first you have to get to them. Make sure that you are looking where they are planting their bombs otherwise you will be the one taking an early bath in the sea. Early on in Pirate Wars, it is easy sailing, just place your bombs, blow up the areas, gather the power ups, and blow the enemies up. Later on they get a bit more cunning, and even gang up on you.
Use the arrow keys to move, you can only move up, down, left, and right. Press space to deploy your bomb, and then move away quickly before it blows up. Bombs blow up in the shape of a + with a few spaces depending on what power ups you have collected.

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