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Max Damage 2 is a well-thought out game that’s all about planning and executing. The physics that are seen in this game hold true and it’s very easy to know where things are going to fall with its given force. This helps calculate what kind damage you’re going to cover and how many points you’re going to accumulate. The controls are simple to use and once you start playing it, it’s hard to stop. As rudimentary Max Damage 2 sound and looks, it’s actually engaging.
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Max Damage 2

Play Max Damage 2 Age Rating: All ages
Max Damage 2 is a very calculated action game that is all about destroying blockades for points. How it works is that you are given a set number of points that you have to reach before you run out of cannonballs. In the beginning, you have to do $600 worth of damage. If you bypass it, you pass the level. If you do damage less than $600 worth, you fail. The kind of damage you have to complete will increase with the game’s progression. The game tells you how many points certain objects will give you so you can plan your attack accordingly.
The instruction of the game is very easy. All you have to do master is your mouse and youre aiming techniques to hit the things in a nice angle. Hitting the things using the perfect angle will help the appliances fall directly on the floor which means a higher damage score. It is important to stay focus in hitting the objects.

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