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Mario Star Scramble

Play Mario Star Scramble Age Rating: All ages
The Super Mario craze it still in the air. Who would not want to go back to the good old days when collecting coins and popping bricks filled with power surprises filled the screen of every televisions and computers. And now, Mario Star Scramble is in the house, ready to rock the world of every Super Mario fanatic.

The goal of the game is similar to that of the old Super Mario adventures from traditional game consoles. The princess may have taken a break because this time it is the safety of the mushroom kingdom in your hands. Enjoy being the hero of the day as you collect coins and shine sprites as you go through every level and meet all new nemeses.

So you think you love Super Mario. Brace yourself to be charmed by this addicting game more than ever. Prepare being hooked once again with best loved game in computer gaming history.

Playing the game is simple. Use the arrow keys to make Super Mario get going in every direction. Use the space bar or Z to make him jump or choose a stage. Sit back and enjoy watching Mario collect special powers and coins as nostalgia chills every gamer to the core.

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