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Mario Forever Flash

Play Mario Forever Flash Age Rating: All ages
Walk. Run. Jump. Collect. Like any other Mario games, Mario Forever Flash stars Mario as he continues his adventure and search for his princess. The remake of the long time running adventure game Mario is now more incredible and implausible with the twist of flash and exciting vibrant background.

This remake had proven the fact that Mario will forever live. Come play as Mario race with time. You as Mario needs to reach the finish line before the clock runs out of time or he will never be able to go on with the next level.

Kill the enemies with Marios jumping skills and a crash. Get the coins along the way to have additional bonus points. Bonus items like fire flowers and mushrooms are also kept hidden in the question blocks which you will encounter on your way. Surely, you will be able to enter the fantastic and exciting world of Mario.

You are only given three lives so intense care is needed or you can be diligent enough to collect coins and bonuses to earn additional life.

With the use of your keyboard, you can make Mario move and finish the game. Collect coins and jump for bonuses with the Z key, duck with the down arrow and walk with the left and right arrows.

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