Play hurry up bob!!! online

Play hurry up bob!!! online. Bob trapped on lava cave, go up as high as possible!!!run get power up to support him, and importanly dont let the lava beneath you catch bob
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hurry up bob!!!

Play hurry up bob!!! Age Rating: All ages
Run! Run! Run! The lava is coming. Hurry up Bob is an interesting game designed on the idea that lava is coming up and you have to save Bob from either falling into lava or killed by some enemies because in both circumstances bob will die. If you are good with pressing keys and running you can easily play this game. But do not make the mistake of taking this game easy because a little mistake can kill Bob. Lava is continuously rising and you are running madly, jumping to cross hurdles, protecting yourself from the incoming arrows and the lava stones. The more you play the more you find the game to be difficult. You can collect hearts to increase health, axes to attack your enemies and time freezer to stop the time for a few seconds. Hurry up Bob is the most interesting game you will ever play because of its funny characters and the marvelous idea of this game. You are the only survivor who is running to save himself from falling into the lava.
Press W, A, S, D and arrow keys to move. Press SPACEBAR to attack.

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