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Eternal Space is an excellently assembled game that was clearly made to improve your hand and eye coordination in a beautiful way. The graphics are crystal clear and everything is very easy and seamless to navigate. The BGM is also very relaxing to listen to as well. You can always go back to previously played levels to enhance your scores. Playing Eternal Space online will certainly be a wise choice to make whenever a gamer has a hankering for something new and refreshing.
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Eternal Space

Play Eternal Space Eternal Space is about finding ways to break all the barriers with your projectiles to progress to the next level. What’s tricky is that you have to manipulate gravity in order to do this, which can be a real brain twister. You launch a ball that’ll bounce around the level and begin chipping away at the barriers. You must move around with your mouse and ricochet the ball around the arena without missing it. Plus, there are snowflakes and other icons floating around that you can catch for points. Also, there are rockets and an extra ball you can obtain to help.

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