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Dummy Never Fails is something an action/puzzle game that’s hard to duplicate. The game is all about hitting a target with a dummy that flails around with ragdoll physics. Every stage is built with the utmost care and it has a distinctive entertaining value to it. Anyone that has played Ragdoll Cannon will surely get the gist of this game. With that said, with Dummy Never Fails, some of the tracks can be some real head-scratchers. So, there is some challenge to be found here.
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Dummy Never Fails

Play Dummy Never Fails Dummy Never Fails is an action/puzzle game that lets you plays with ragdoll physics in a refreshing way. The goal of this game is to shoot your dummy out of a cannon and to hit your desired target without damaging the dummy too much. You aim your cannon with your mouse and you click it to fire. There is a vast amount of levels to unlock and there even different track skins to acquire as well. It’s very easy to lose hours of your time with this game. Of course, with each preceding level things get pretty difficult, so get ready to expand those neurons.

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