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Play Diamond Hollow online. Diamond Hollow is a cool platform game with many cool power-ups which can be purchased using the diamonds you collect as you make your way towards the surface again.
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Diamond Hollow

Play Diamond Hollow Age Rating: All ages
Diamond Hollow is a cool game based in a diamond mine shaft! You will be doing you up-most to reach the surface again but to do so you will need to collect plenty of diamonds along the way. The diamonds you collect can be used to purchase new abilities, these abilities will help you reach the surface again. Shoot your weapon at the strange looking blobs to kill them, each time you kill them they will release many more diamonds. The world will start to move downwards as you start traveling upwards. If you get trapped while its moving upwards you will die!
To play this game you will need your MOUSE to aim and fire and WASD to move around.

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