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Defender of PacCity is a Pac-Man action game that’ll keep your adrenaline going. The controls are tight and easy to handle. The action never ceases and chances are you’re going to sweating within just a few seconds when this game starts. The colorful art direction certainly screams the retro style that many Pac-Man games emulate. Anyone who’s bored with the same maze laced Pac-Man games should give this one a try. Defender of PacCity is fast-paced, fun and will certainly keep you addicted for some time.
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Defender of PacCity

Play Defender of PacCity Age Rating: All ages
Defender of PacCity puts on a whole new spin on the Pac-Man series. With this game, you play as Pac-Man who is defending a city from ghosts who are trying to overrun it. You control Pac-Man with your mouse and shoot missiles by left-clicking it. You can eat the “blue ghosts” for extra points as well as numerous pellets that are raining from the heavens. There is a lot of activity on the screen, so keep your eyes peeled. Stay quick on your feet, because the difficulty ramps up really early in the game.

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