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Cargo Express

Play Cargo Express This is a game of sheer courage and bravery.There is no shooting or fighting but there is a lot more that define courage. Cargo express is a journey through a rugged road, full of bumps and rocks along the way. That is not all the truck you will be driving will be full of rocks which is your cargo . Cargo that needs to be delivered intact.

The moment you get past a bump without losing any of your cargo, you earn some money. The game is simply about how you can go through the bumpy road with your truck full, and get to your destination without loosing any of your precious load.

The faster you deliver, the more money you will manage to get. The money earned along the way can be used to upgrade your truck to be able to withstand the road situation which gets harsher and harsher. That makes the intrigue of it because,you will not want to lose cargo in the first place, and you will want to earn more money too, then finally, you will manage to upgrade your cargo load express truck so bad no bad road will scare you . Drive along

It is a compelling drive that will combine both speed and keenness. If you can have both then this is your journey.

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