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Animal Massacre is an action game that entails a missile flying up into the clouds and encountering weightless, cute little animals that you can kill with your lasers. The art direction is imaginative and joyous to look at. In fact, it’s kind of surprising that you see blood spew out of the opened chest cavities of the animals you fire at. Nonetheless, Animal Massacre is fun to play and it’s always entertaining to see all the different ways animals can be obliterated with your lasers.
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Animal Massacre

Play Animal Massacre Animal Massacre involves letting players take control of a missile that is propelling up into the heavens. While flying, you will encounter cute, fluffy, dew eyed creatures that you can obliterate with your missiles laser system by pressing either the “up arrow” or “space bar”. You can control the missile with the “left” or “right” arrow keys. When you hit the animals, you can; split them in half, decapitate or otherwise totally dismember them in a strange, yet entertaining way. This action game is something that has a special individuality to it that shouldn’t be missed.

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