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A Ninja Game is a very new take on being involved in a ninja adventure. The graphics are very simplistic, yet clean. The controls are easy to remember and anyone at any age can get into it. Of course, you’ll need some immense puzzle solving skills in order to get through the later levels. Playing a Ninja Game online will keep you engrossed for quite some time, until you finally figure out how to pass that blasted level.
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A Ninja Game

Play A Ninja Game Age Rating: All ages
A Ninja Game is something very different in terms of playing a game that involves ninjas. This game isn’t about sharpening your blade wielding skills, but rather your mind. Through a bird’s eye view, you take control of a ninja as you try to make your way to your exit on a gridded map. You can only move, square by square. The first two levels are rather simple but then, things get complicated. You then have to move several ninjas at once, trying to each reach their own exit simultaneously. You control your ninja with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
Use ARROW keys to move all the ninjas at a time.

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