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Playing A and B Space online is no doubt a great way to get through the work week! It has a beautiful art direction, complete with anime cut scenes and popping background music. It’s very story driven and you will find yourself hungry to know what is going to come next! The action never stops has you will find yourself obliterating the invading forcing with and assortment of space-age weaponry. A and B Space has everything you need with an action game. It even comes with RPG elements like HP and choosing which path to take between missions!
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A And B Space

Play A And B Space Age Rating: All ages
A and B Space is a beautifully realized space war game that pits the player against endless waves of evil alien drones that’s attacking you somewhere in the cosmos. The game basically plays like a combination of Gladius and Asteroids. Your ship sits on one spot and you can rotate 360 degrees to fire your missiles and lasers. You use your mouse to aim and hit the space bar to fire. There is even HP to build up to upgrade your equipment. Yes, this game is all about shooting for the stars and it’s only here on GameSting!
To play this game you will need your MOUSE and KEYBOARD

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